Our Programs

YMU is proud to present 12 programs on 5 sites this 2017-2018 school year. The programs range from Jazz Bands, to Rock Ensembles, Drum Lines & Rhythm Section classes. YMU will be working with 200+ students through after-school and in-school programming. Students will receive 120+ hours of music education that will keep them off the streets as well as prepare them for numerous performances, auditions and scholarship opportunities.

Accepting Students:

Overtown Open Community Jazz Band: 6th-12th grade [Tuesdays 4-530]

Overtown Open Community Rock Ensemble: 6-10th grade [Wednesdays 4-530]

Little Haiti Rock Ensemble: 8th-12th grade [Mondays 230-4]

Email info@youngmusiciansunite.org

Site 1: The Young Mens Preparatory Academy [2013-Current]

Program 1: Rhythm Section class led by Alan Valladares [In- School]

Program 2: Jazz Band led by Mr. Neal & Jean Caze [In-School]

Program 3: Jazz Combo led by Jean Caze [Tuesdays 215-245P]

Program 4: Drum Line led by Harvel Nakundi [In-School]

Site 2: Jose De Diego Middle School [2015-Current]

Program 5: Rhythm Section class led by Mr. Hill & Juan Palaez [In-School]

Program 6: Overtown Open Community Rock Ensemble led by Juan Palaez [Wednesdays 4-530p]

Program 7: Overtown Open Community Jazz Band led by Jean Caze, Elijah Thomas & Harvel Nakundi [Tuesday 4-530p]

Program 8: Drum Line led by Christian Rodriguez & Mr. Hill [Tuesday & Thursday 4-530p]

Site 3: Booker T. Washington High School [2015-Current]

Partnered with Jaguar United & The Overtown Youth Center

Program 9: Rhythm Section class led by Mr. Newbold & Juan Palaez [In-School]

Program 10: Jazz Band led by Javier Nero & Mr. Newbold [Thursday 230-530]

Site 4: Coral Gables Senior High School [2016-Current]

Program 11: Jazz Band led by Javier Nero

Site 5: Miami Edison High School [2018]

Partnered with The Overtown Youth Center

Program 12: Little Haiti Open Community Rock Ensemble [Monday 230-4]