Young Musicians Unite’s mission is to give underserved middle and high school students a voice through music by providing free in-school and after school music education. By collaborating with schools that have limited or no music programs, YMU will educate and unite young musicians in the Miami-Dade County community and raise awareness about the importance of music education.

What We Do

Since 2013, Young Musicians Unite (YMU) has been dedicated to providing free in-school and after school music programs to South Florida’s youth. Under the leadership of Sammy Gonzalez, YMU engages youth from at-risk communities with limited or non-existent music programs. Depending on their individual school, students who participate in YMU become members of a Classical Guitar ensemble, a Jazz ensemble, or a Student Rock Band. The YMU program ensures that students learn the fundamentals of music including theory, reading, songwriting, competition, and performance. Classes are led by qualified professional teachers, and aided by peer to peer mentors and visiting guest musicians. Without exception, all of the equipment, music, performance and teaching fees are waived  - YMU students do not financially contribute at all to their music education.By giving students a voice through music, YMU is building strong and responsible community members and leaders.


10/29/16 - The Cushman School Halloween Howl

We are very excited to be performing at Cushman's Halloween Howl. Arrowhead and Friends will be performing at 12P.

The Cushman School
92 NE 60th St, Miami, FL 33137

09/07/16 - YEP Grant

YMU is proud to be the recipient of the Miami Dade Cultural Affairs YEP grant, through The Children's Trust. With this support we will now be taking our program into two new schools. Thank you for your continued belief and support of the arts.

08/22/16 - Back To School!

YMU is excited to welcome The Young Men's Prep Academy, Jose De Diego Middle School, & Booker T. Washington High School. We have 4 programs in 3 schools this school year; ranging from guitar ensembles to a jazz band and rock ensemble. YMU will be providing 60+ students with 120+ hours of free music education this 2016-2017.